Day 2: June 25th

My current weight – 250 (6/24)


I worked out this morning at 5am.  I went to the gym and killed it on elliptical and did some weight lifting.  I plan to run later.

My kids or wife still have not checked on me.  I know they have better things to do than worry about me.   After I got back from the gym at 6:30am I showered and laid in bed.  My depression got to me again and I didn’t get to work until 11am.  I heard this diet makes you depressed and irritable for first three days.  Today was rough physically.  But I was not hungry.  Craving sweet but not hungry.

My meals:

Iced coffee, Plant Fusion 1 scoop and water, tangerine, some power green salad (no dressing), raw broccoli, carrots, celery, and cucumber, soaked and cooked lentils, warmed mushrooms and onions, and raw unsalted almonds.

Two day down, 322 more to go.

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