Day 3: June 26th

CURRENT WEIGHT 250 lbs(6/24 weigh-in)


I did not work out this morning.  Could not sleep. Woke up at 2am and was in and out.  But I am sore so I’ll call this a resting day.  I have to help my friend carry things out of his apartment this evening into his car and help him load it into storage.  So that may be some exercise.

My kids or wife still have not checked on me.  I don’t think they will either.  This diet is making me irritable.  I have no hunger.  I made it to work no problem.  I never mentioned this but I am a manager for a City agency.  I have my own office and a few directors who report to me.  I am surprised my hospitalization, institutionalization, and my depression having hurt my career.  But I am still functioning well at work.  Shocking.

My meals:

So far – Iced coffee, nectarine, celery, raw broccoli, soaked and cooked lentils, warmed mushrooms and onions, cucumber,green peppers,and raw unsalted almonds.  For dinner I had a blend of some power greens, carrots, and an apple.

Three days down, 321 more to go.

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