Day 4: June 27th

CURRENT WEIGHT  250 lbs (6/24 weigh-in)


I did not work out again this morning.  Could not sleep again. Woke up on and off.

My kids or wife still have not checked on me since I started blogging.  My son did text me if I can take him and a friend somewhere then pick them up later.   I am going to take them to the movies tomorrow if they want to go.  My kids stopped speaking with me it seems.

The diet has noticeably made my stomach smaller.  I have been true to my diet.  I see my doctors tomorrow and getting tested to see if my thyroid issue is affecting my heart.

My meals:

Today – Tangerine, celery, raw broccoli, soaked and cooked lentils, warmed mushrooms and onions, cucumber,green peppers,and raw unsalted almonds.  For dinner I had my blend of some power greens, carrots, blue berries, and an apple.

Four days down, 320 more to go.

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