Day 6: June 29th

CURRENT WEIGHT  250 lbs (6/24 weigh-in)


Very depressed from knowing about the cancer.  But got my butt back to work today.

My wife says she cares but went out drinking with her friend.  She showed me no comfort or compassion.  I told my son and apologized if I can’t be as active with him when he needs things.  He seemed sad when I told him I won’t let them cut me open or do any chemo.

I have no urge to fight.  I am supposed to see an alternative- natural treatment doctor but I have no urge to seek help.  I just look at my life now and see what the future holds and I am not sure it is worth fighting for.

My meals:

Celery, raw broccoli, soaked and cooked lentils, warmed mushrooms and onions, cucumber, green peppers, raw unsalted almonds, blend of some power greens, carrots, blue berries, and an apple.

On day six, 318 more to go after.  I have a feeling I won’t make it to the end.

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