Day 12: July 5th

CURRENT WEIGHT 239.5 (7/1 weigh-in)

STARTING WEIGHT  250 lbs (6/24 weigh-in)


I am targeting 3 pounds lost for next weigh in Sunday.  I think 11 pounds was just the shock my body was in.  We’ll see in a few days.

My wife now is apologizing for the way she has treated me for months.  She said she read a book (which my therapist recommended) and she feels awful.  She wants to make things right and is sorry for everything.  It doesn’t make up for the months of torture but it is a start.  We’ll see.  She has turned her back on me many times when things got hard

FOOD: Green apple in the morning.  Just ate my raw broccoli and celery.  Feeling full.  Cup of iced coffee and lots of water planned.  Still got my bag of carrots, peppers, and cucumbers.  My lentil and onions are for lunch with dinner being my power green shake with some apple and berries.

Twelve days in, 312 more to go.

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