Day 26: July 19th

CURRENT WEIGHT 236.5 (7/8 weigh-in)

STARTING WEIGHT  250 lbs (6/24 weigh-in)


I haven’t weighed myself because of my depression.  I know I’ve lost quite a bit more weight.

I want to say I wear many masks.  People at work see a caring, confident, motivated, happy man who loves his job and his co-workers.  My family except my wife, son, and father don’t know I have cancer and only my sister knows I am getting divorced.  Everyone else sees a happily married man who smiles and make jokes.  But these are masks.  Masks I wear well.

I cannot eat solids any more.  Even a blueberry makes me nauseous.  I have been juicing.  I think the stomach tumor is the culprit.  I haven’t felt any difference on the tumor on my lung or thyroid.  I will find out if it got worse in a week.  For now I am doing my weekly Vitamin intravenous treatments and veggie and fruit juices.

For now, I’ll just keep my mask on.  I don’t want to drag others into my suffering.  I remember how it traumatized my dad when my mom was dying of her cancer.

Twenty six days in, 296 more to go.

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